1. Only use the Racking Assist with semi-automatic, properly functioning modern pistols in good condition.
  2. The barrel needs to be free of any obstructions including any visible lead or copper buildup inside the barrel.
  3. Use the correct Racking Assist Model; the nylon shroud must slide freely over the barrel and not hit on either the recoil spring guide or the frame of the pistol.
  4. Only use the Racking Assist positioned vertically (as shown) with the Racking Assist Base down while being supported on a sturdy, flat, horizontal, non-slick surface.
  5. Ensure that there is nothing between the Racking Assist Base and the supporting surface.
  6. Do not hold onto the Racking Assist or allow your fingers, hands or body in front of the muzzle to rack the slide.
  7. Do not use the Racking Assist to clear jams or malfunctions; such usage may result in unsafe gun handling. These conditions should be cleared by a certified professional or gunsmith trained in the servicing of your particular pistol.


Read your Firearm’s Manual cover to cover to fully understand the safe operation, handling, loading/unloading procedures along with ammunition warnings to learn and understand how it will relate to the Racking Assist before use. If you have any remaining questions or concerns, request and receive additional instructions and training from a qualified instructor before proceeding.