Usage Instructions

Step 1

Place the Racking Assist’s Base down on a sturdy, flat, horizontal, non-slick
surface with its Center Guide Post pointing upward towards the sky. Remember
never have your finger within the Trigger Guard and never point the Muzzle
towards any part of your body or anyone else. Align the Pistol’s Muzzle over the
Center Guide Post.

Step 2

Lower the Pistol over the Center Guide Post to where the Front Face of the
Pistol’s Slide engages the Outside Shroud of the Racking Assist. Note, while only
one hand is illustrated it is acceptable to use both hands for extra control and
strength if necessary. Remember! Never allow your Fingers to enter the Inside of
the Pistol’s Trigger Guard.

Step 3

If the Safety/Slide Lock needs to be disengaged for Slide movement disengage it,
otherwise have the Safety engaged. Then with one or both hands press the Pistol
straight down forcing the Silde to the rear until a positive stop is felt. Then quickly
raise the Pistol straight up and off of the Racking Assist.

Step 4a

IF a Loaded Magazine was properly loaded into the Pistol a Round will be
chambered when the Slide comes to rest in the forward position. If the Pistol has
a Manual Safety engage the Safety if you do not intend to immeditaly fire the
IF No Magazine was in the Pistol the Slide will come to rest in the forward position with No Round being loaded into the Chamber, since No Rounds were present.

Step 4b

IF an Empty Magazine was in the Pistol the Slide will be locked to the rear
assuming the Pistol was pushed down sufficiently to engage the Slide Lock. If the
Empty Magazine does not engage the Slide Stop the user must manually engage
the Slide Stop while holding the Pistol down against the Racking Assist.